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Free US Dollar Index Forecast

U.S. Dollar Index DXY Forecast

Below is a forecast of the U.S. dollar index, or DXY, broken down by month. This forecast is based on prior values of currency exchange rates along with various other factors such as commodity prices, interest rates and economic indicators

U.S. Dollar Index DXY Values

Dollar Index, Average of Month

MonthDateForecast ValueAvg Error
0Sep 2022110.63±0.00
1Oct 2022113.1±0.6
2Nov 2022114.2±0.7
3Dec 2022114.9±0.7
4Jan 2023113.8±0.8
5Feb 2023112.3±0.8
6Mar 2023108.8±0.8
7Apr 2023107.8±0.8
8May 2023106.5±0.9
Modified: October 03, 2022

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